Over the years, I have built my expertise working for a variety of clients and venues. Whether it be as part of an improv company entertaining at a corporate event, as an emcee at an institutional awards ceremony, or as a discussion panel leader for digital or design companies, my goal is to entertain, put the focus where it needs to be, and make sure everybody has an exceptional time.

Live songs, sketches, or even sports’ showcases, I’m not afraid to get involved. I come prepared, ready to adapt, and always with a sense of humor; welcome to my portfolio.

Région Grand Est, Prix de la Mixité, January 2020

OECA General Assembly, Friendly Agence, November 2019

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D-Clic non profit

“D-Clic's 10th birthday”, Strasbourg, October 2019

D-Clic's mission in to create contact between students' from underprivileged neighbourhoods and the professional world, as well as give them opportunities to discover the arts and become more active citizens.

This event was attended by volunteers, beneficiary students, partners of D-Clic and associated teachers.

Mission :

    • Présenter la soirée et assurer la transition entre les différentes parties (discours, témoignages, vidéos, etc) et respecter le timing.

    • Interviewer quelques jeunes bénéficiaires de l'association et les aider à partager leur histoire avec l'association.

    • Retracer, au nom de ses membres, l'histoire de l'association d'une manière inattendue et mémorable.


Cet anniversaire était chargé de sens et d'émotion pour les fondateurs, bénévoles et élèves de D-Clic, et chacun avait à coeur que l'animation de la soirée reflète l'esprit et l'énergie de l'association. Mon approche a donc été de rester décontractée, d'aborder la salle avec un petit grain de folie, tout en mettant l'accent sur l'impressionnant chemin parcouru et l'investissement remarquable de tous les bénévoles et soutiens présents.

City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg

"Quartiers en transition", Architecture Days, October 2019

Two evenings of screenings, live performances and discussion panels about urban renewal, the city's programs and the reputation of certain areas of the city.


Mission :

  • Présenter les soirées, les différents artistes et oeuvres à l'honneur et animer les discussions.
  • Instaurer une ambiance chaleureuse afin de mettre le public à l'aise, de l'encourager à considérer ce moment comme le sien et à participer aux discussions de fin.

  • S'éloigner de l'aspect technique de la thématique pour faire la part belle aux habitants, leur donner la parole et créer un véritable moment d'échange.


Ces deux soirées avaient pour ambition de présenter la rénovation urbaine à travers un prisme nouveau, celui des habitants et de différents acteurs culturels des quartiers concernés. Ma mission n'était pas d'être spécialiste, mais il y a bien sûr eu un travail de familiarisation et de recherche.

La rénovation urbaine suscitant parfois des frictions entre villes et habitants, et les quartiers mis à l'honneur étant parfois victimes d'une mauvaise réputation, les sessions de questions/réponses auraient pu devenir tendues. Il était donc important de maintenir une atmosphère d'écoute et de bienveillance.

Biennale du Design de Nancy, April 2019

2-day design rally with workshops, conferences and discussion panels


  • Act as the face of the event. Welcome attendees, launch workshops and present conferences.

  • Research discussion topics thoroughly, lead panels, manage time and take questions from the audience.



The theme of the rally being very specialized, it was essential to come well-prepared and be relevant and precise. I still made it a point to provide attendees warm, sometimes humorous presentations, so that everyone felt at home whatever their level of expertise.

This kind of event can present last minute changes, and I was also able to step in at an organizational level, welcome speakers and help them set up their conferences.

Creaccro: Tango & Scan launch, Mulhouse, March 2019

Tango & Scan Award ceremony, Strasbourg, May 2019

Creaccro is an agency that promotes creative economy. Tango & Scan is a call for projects that grants laureates with funds to develop their innovative ideas into business plans.


  • Replace Ms Caballion, head of Creaccro, as host of both the call for projects’ launch and the laureates’ award ceremony. Captivate the audience’s attention, deliver an important amount of information, yet keep the crowd entertained.

  • Research the history of Tango & Scan and local creative economy. Lead discussion panel, interview laureates about their project and journey.

  • Allocate speaking time to politicians in attendance

  • Be the face of two distinct events in the timeline of Tango & Scan, and present accordingly.



In collaboration with the Creaccro team, I was able to deliver tailor-made emcee performances for each of those two events. In the first, the goal was to attract potential candidates with a laid-back but informative presentation, showcase previous laureates’ work and highlight Tango & Scan’s help in its development. The second event was a slightly more formal time of celebration, where I had to make sure laureates felt rewarded for their hard work accordingly, and all guests felt like they were part of a special and festive evening.

Habitation Moderne ‘10000e logement’, September 2018

HM, a construction company and local authority landlord handled by the city of Strasbourg, had invited tenants, politicians and coworkers to celebrate the construction of its 10000th social housing apartment.


  • Host and successfully navigate the different sections of the event, as well as the timing.

  • Collaborate with Virginie Jacob, head of HM, to form a dynamic emcee duo and put her presentation in the best possible light.

  • Provide the audience with memorable entertainment: handle a team of three improv comedians, present and time the show and ask words and themes to the audience to create and interactive performance



The challenge of this event was that different parts of the evening required a different style and energy. I worked to install a formal atmosphere before political speeches, settle a fluid back-and-forth with Ms Jacob and make her comfortable, and come close to audience during the improv interludes to make them participate and truly make it their show.

Les Oscars du Sport, City of Strasbourg Sports Office, Strasbourg, June 2017, July 2018, June 2019

Every year, the City of Strasbourg Sports Office hosts an award ceremony to reward the city’s community sports clubs for the results and the volunteers for their hard work.


  • Co-host event with a male emcee. Find complementarity and create a duo that works well on stage and draws the audience in.

  • Create an exceptional atmosphere, but for people who are not used to black tie events. Write an opening to make them feel involved and comfortable from the start.

  • For each award category, announce nominees, manage a live voting system and call the winner up on stage to accept the award.

  • Handle transitions between the ceremony and interludes such as comedy sketches or sports showcases.

  • Manage timing in a setting where lots of different segments take place and many people come to the stage and go.



Les Oscars du Sport is an event that is specifically designed to shed a light on people who usually work in the shadows, and offer them a prestigious evening where they feel like they belong.

Each year, we chose to open by bringing glamour with a sense of humor. In 2017, I wrote a mock academy awards opening speech, and in 2018, the number was a song parody performed live. We also got involved in some of the sports showcases as struggling wannabe athletes, creating a tighter bond with the audience.

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